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I vividly remember going to my first Yoga class simply to help a friend in need of a little support, having NO plans myself to continue thereafter. My interests were, in what I perceived to be, more challenging activities such as martial arts and running! Little did I know that Yoga had its own challenges and would light up my world like it did in 2011 and every year since that light has got brighter & brighter! I never went ‘looking’ for Yoga, Yoga found me, took me by surprise and swept me off my feet on a wonderful journey!

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Jenny G


"I attended a 2 hour mini retreat with Julie today online via Zoom.
It was a great session, and time passed very quickly. I enjoyed & benefitted from the yin style poses. All wrapped up with a blissful yoga nidra at the end. Yes I did fall asleep !
Thank you Julie xx

Sally G


"I had the pleasure of joining a two hour ‘mini retreat', some strength followed by restorative and finally Yoga Nidra. The combination of disciplines was wonderful, energising as well as meditative. The poses were carefully and imaginatively taught by Julie throughout. She always brings such skill and knowledge to her classes as well as some fun! The use of props to further relax and let go was imaginative and well crafted. The final Yoga Nidra brought us all deeper into focused relaxation and stillness. I hope that these mini retreats can be a regular feature. I recommend them fully – get your cushions, oils and candles at the ready and prepare for bliss.
Thank you Julie.

Margo S


“I have been going to Yoga with Julie for 18 months. Julie is a fantastic teacher who very quickly gets to know her individual pupil’s strengths and weaknesses. She never pressurises us to do more than we are able, but gently encourages us to explore what we can do. Her classes are always good fun but calm, well-structured and planned.
Age is not a problem – I only started Yoga after I retired as I was conscious I was getting very stiff with aching hips – since starting my mobility has significantly improved.”

Ramani L


"I've tried yoga on and off for years but never really got on with it until I tried Julie's class. She strikes exactly the right balance so that the class is fun and friendly and we also progress. She's very good at tailoring the class to everyone's level and she somehow manages to give everyone the individual attention they need to improve . I always walk out of her classes feeling better, both physically and emotionally. Several of my friends have now joined Julie's classes and everyone loves them!"

Katja L


"In her class, Julie has this wonderful way of getting me to work hard, but so that I feel that there is no need to prove myself to anyone (not even to myself). This means that in her class I practise within my limits yet gently exploring 'the edge' respecting the messages that my body is sending me whilst doing so. This is very important to me.

Julie makes everyone feel equally welcome in her class and she has a way of making you smile even when in the toughest of poses."

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