I vividly remember going to my first Yoga class simply to help a friend in need of a little support, having NO plans myself to continue thereafter. My interests were, in what I perceived to be, more challenging activities such as martial arts and running! Little did I know that Yoga had its own challenges and would light up my world like it did in 2011 and every year since that light has got brighter & brighter! I never went ‘looking’ for Yoga, Yoga found me, took me by surprise and swept me off my feet on a wonderful journey!

Through this journey of self-discovery i have become truly smitten with the many great benefits Yoga brings to the body and mind and am passionate to share it with others!  As a runner I find Yoga most beneficial, improving strength, focus, bringing calmness and aiding recovery plus so much more.  My classes often have a running theme focusing on the power house muscles we use in everyday life. I encourage playfulness, smiles and a ‘have a go, you never know’ approach in a mindful and safe way.I send huge thanks to Jade Carey at Surrey Hills Yoga www.surreyhillsyoga.co.uk  without whom I would not be where I am now. Also, to Clarissa Robertson and all the many inspiring teachers I have since met at Red Hot Yoga www.redhotyoga.co.uk  Forever grateful.

is a lovely blend of practices to work the connection between mind, body and soul. This is a strong physical practice where we also work ‘inside’ inviting stress busting! In classes we explore pranayama (breath work) the physical poses (asana) and classes are often themed. The postures are taught with a strong focus on alignment, standing poses to challenge and some flowed together. 

Anusara classes provide physical challenge and open your eyes to so much more, a fun, focused, safe and uplifting practice. 

 is the signature class at the studio where I teach. The class temperature is between 38 – 42C with a humidity level of 40% – 50%. This is a Hatha style class of static postures split between standing and seated with a 
couple of short flows included. 
RHY GLOW is designed to warm and open the body, heated to 30-34 degrees focussing a little more on static postures with perhaps a couple of short flows included. A great class to become familiar with the ‘glow’ heat before diving into the hot studio! 

is a much slower practice which provides a deeper stretch.Muscles are relaxed to aid stability in the joints helping to restore range of movements. A selection of blocks, bolsters and cushions are used to support the body in this practice to find comfort in the longer holds. This practice nicely complements Yang Yoga by working deeper inside the body targeting fascia and ligaments the hidden connective tissues. This style has it’s own challenges! 

is a more movement based class designed to warm the body and open and expand the heart. We align the breath with movement combining static postures within more dynamic flows. Classes include a standing series of Vinyasa Flow and seated series of backbends, hip and core work. 


Sept ’12 Hip opening workshop (RHY)

Feb’13 Backbends workshop (RHY)

Feb’13 1 day Mindful Meditation workshop (Guildford Meditation)

May ’13 Mykonos 5 day yoga retreat (RHY)

July ’13 Finding your core workshop (RHY)

Nov ’13 & June ‘14 Shoulder opening workshops (RHY)

March ’14 Runners workshop

April ’15 10 hr Anatomic Yoga workshop – Ray Long

April ’15 – March ’16 RYT 200 hrs – Yoga Alliance UK – Red Hot Yoga

May ’16 – Adjusts/Assists Workshop (RHY)

Jan ’17 – 12 hr CPD course, Yoga as therapy for back problems @ Yogacampus, London.

Sep ’17 – Assisting & Adjusting Workshop (RHY)

Nov ’17 – Shoulder & Hips Mechanics Workshops (RHY)

Nov ’17 – 40 Hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training PAC (RHY)

Feb ’18 – Back Care Workshop (RHY)

Feb ’18 – Arm balancing workshop (RHY)

May ’18 – 40 Hr Vinyasa Teacher Training (RHY)

Nov ’18 – 2.5 Hr Prenatal Workshop for Yoga Teachers (RHY)

March ’19 – 2.5hrs Back Care Workshop with Sarah Powell

April ’19 – 200hr Anusara Elements Teacher Training with Sarah Powell